Pretty in Pink (Heavy Duty)

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Our Pretty in Pink Collar belongs to our Statement Collection, which uses unique, single tones that make a powerful statement, packing a visual punch without being too out there. We believe that each colour used in this collection can speak volumes about your dog’s character. Pink is, of course, a colour that comes hand in hand with a lot of symbolism and associations. Sure, there are typical feminine links, but we chose a shade of pink that is like a sleeping giant, ready to wake up and cause a stir.



The Pretty in Pink is for a sentimental and loving dog, with strength and power lying below the surface. We have handcrafted it from the highest quality materials, creating a premium collar that will stand out from the crowd. It is dyed to perfection, with an even finish and equal tones across its entire length.

The collar is finished with a solid and sturdy buckle with our extra safe locking system for added peace of mind.



Our Heavy Duty range of collars has been specifically engineered to handle even the strongest of dogs.

The hardware is made from Stainless steel or nickel-coated alloys, giving the collars superb resistance to the elements, making them ideal for adventurous dogs.

The buckle is cast from high-strength plastic with a breaking force of over 100kg, and the stainless steel D-Ring is over 300kg.

Added to this is our double-layered nylon webbing, so these collars will take whatever your dog can throw at them.



The Heavy Duty range of collars comes with a unique "Triple Lock" buckle for extra security.

These buckles have a simple but effective locking button on the front. When locked, you cannot press in the side pins to release the collar and must slide back the lock button to do so.

This adds a massive amount of safety for dogs, especially if you are concerned about dog theft.

It is also optional, so you don't have to lock it if you don't want to. But it's a great added little extra.

made by owners, for owners

handmade with love

All Wolf Peak Collars are hand-crafted by our local artisan craftspeople in Kent, UK. This gives each collar a unique touch without compromising quality and ensures you know exactly where your dog's collar has come from.

Alongside being hand-crafted, our collars are made using only the best materials. You won't find any cheap plastic or metals, only high-grade materials that our own dogs have tested. Each join is triple-sewed, glued, and riveted, providing a durable collar that will endure for years to come, and if it doesn't, it's backed by our 3-year hardware warranty.



We endeavour to provide our products to as many dogs as possible. As such, we offer this collar in Medium, Large, and Extra-Large sizes, and you can find a convenient size guide on this page to determine the best choice for your dog.

Width of the collars are 38mm (1.5") and the weight is approx. 150g depending on size. Suitable for medium to extra large dog breeds.

All collars are made with two layers of webbing for extra strength and durability.

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Important information

As with all dog collars, the style (buckle/slip-on/etc.) is not always suitable for all dogs. We always recommend thoroughly testing your dog with a new collar in a safe environment before going on an adventure.

Heavy Duty collars suit dogs that pull heavily on the lead or like to explore the muckiest of places. This style is designed specifically for dogs that need something a bit more robust and durable. Please ask if you're unsure which style is best for your dog.

All collars are made by hand; therefore, no collar will ever be the same and variations to the images occur. Due to the differences in computer screens, colours may not accurately represent themselves.

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