Bifrost Pathway

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Now, you might not have heard of the “Bifrost Pathway” before. But there’s never a better time to learn!

The Bifrost Pathway is rooted in Norse mythology and is a burning rainbow bridge that leads between Midgard and Asgard, the realm of the Gods. Only the strongest, wisest and most impressive can follow its path, moving on toward eternal greatness.

Of course, this isn’t the only use of rainbows in modern-day culture and imagery. Rainbows are now inherently linked to countless positive associations, from pride to hope and more.

Whatever the rainbow means to you, our Bifrost Pathway collar radiates its colours and makes the perfect addition to your pooch’s collection.



Featuring bold stripes of red, yellow, pink, green, orange, purple and blue, this collar will stand out bright and proud on your dog’s coat, no matter what colour or texture it may be.

The collar is then finished with a sturdy and secure, chunky antique brass closure. This will keep your dog safe and can prevent the collar from slipping off. There is then a brass coloured loop for your dog’s lead to clip onto easily as well as a separate ID tag clip.

Elegance & Style

Metal Buckle: Version 3.0

The Metal Buckle Collar, Version 3.0, brings our own entirely custom made metal hardware to our stunning designs. The hardware is made from zinc (non-rust and strong) and coated in our unique antique brass colour. All parts are fully welded, and this collar comes with our custom made metal buckle.

Ideal for non-pullers, harness wearers, loose-fitting wearers and dogs that want to make a statement in the park.



We endeavour to provide our products to as many dogs as possible. As such, we offer this collar in Medium, Large, and Extra-Large sizes, and you can find a convenient size guide on this page to determine the best choice for your dog.

Width of the collars are 38mm (1.5") and the weight is approx. 200-260g depending on size. Suitable for medium to extra large dog breeds.

All collars are made with two layers of webbing for extra strength and durability.

made by owners, for owners

handmade with love

All Wolf Peak Collars are hand-crafted by our artisan craftspeople based in the UK. This gives each collar a unique touch without compromising quality and ensuring that you know exactly where your dog's collar has come from.

Alongside being hand-crafted, our collars are made using only the best materials. You won't find any cheap plastic or metals, only high-grade materials that have been tested by our own dogs. Each join is sewed, glued, and riveted, providing a durable collar that will endure for years to come; and if it doesn't, it's backed by our 5-year hardware warranty.

don't skip

Important information

As with all metal buckle collars, they are not always suitable for all dogs. We always recommend thoroughly testing your dog with a new collar in a safe environment.

Metal buckles suit dogs that don't pull or wear their collars slightly looser. If your dog is a heavy puller or needs a tighter fitting collar, we'd recommend one of our other styles, such as Martingale or Heavy Duty. If you're not sure which you need, please ask.

All collars are made by hand; therefore, no collar will ever be the same and variations to the images occur. Due to the differences in computer screens, colours may not accurately represent themselves.

This collar has metal components made from Zinc and/or Steel and is then coated. Therefore, the parts are NOT stainless steel and can easily be damaged by chemicals or other corrosive liquids such as saltwater, especially if the coating has been damaged. Extra care to clean them should be taken if the collars are exposed to such environments.

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