For all collars bought directly from Wolf Peak Canine Apparel, we offer a five-year hardware warranty. This means, if any of the metal parts of the collar break, fall off or fail in any way, we will repair or replace the collar.


Conditions of Warranty

  1. The item must have been bought directly from Wolf Peak Canine Apparel either through our website, in person or via one of our outlets such as Etsy or
  2. You must still have the original Certificate of Authenticity that came with the item in question. It contains a unique number that ties back to your purchase.
  3. You must apply for the warranty via the same email address you purchased the item with.
  4. The warranty only covers the metal components of the item.
  5. Damage is not covered by the warranty, only failure of the metal components.
  6. If an item is replaced under warranty, your five-year warranty will start again with the new piece. 
  7. If an item is repaired under warranty, your five-year warranty will continue from the original purchase date.



  1. Damage or failure of metal parts caused by mishandling, misuse or accidental damage.
  2. Staining, marking, fading of fabric components is not covered under the warranty.
  3. Failure of components due to lack of care, cleaning or maintenance is not covered under warranty.


How To Claim

  1. You must email: with the details of your purchase: unique number from the certificate of authenticity, purchase date, product name, your name, your email, your address (at the time of purchase) and your phone number. 
  2. You need to provide photos of the damaged product.
  3. Explain how the item was damaged if possible.


Warranty Claim Process

  1. Once your request has been received, it will be reviewed. If your product remains in the warranty and the damage is covered by the warranty, a claim will be opened.
  2. You will receive details on where to send your item for repair or replacement; postage is at your own cost.
  3. We recommend returning the item via an insured and tracked courier.
  4. Once received, we will let you know what we will do next.
  5. We will always attempt to repair first, and if a repair is not feasible, we will replace the item. 
  6. If no stock is available, we will issue you a gift voucher to purchase another item of the same value.
  7. If the item is repairable or replaceable, we will let you know and ask where to send it.