Getting the right fit for your dog's new collar is essential. To help you, we've created this short guide on how the sizes of our collars and how to get the right fit.


How To Measure Your Dog's Neck Size

To get a correctly sized collar to fit your dog, measure the centre of their neck with a cloth tape measure or piece of string. 

Do this a few inches down from their head. 

Pull the tape measure or string snug but not tight. Make sure you can fit two fingers between the tape measure and your dog's neck. 

If you used a piece of string, measure it with a rigid ruler afterwards.

Where to measure your dogs neck for a collar


Our Collar Sizes

Now that you have the correct measurement, you can choose which collar size best fits your dog. 

Our collars come in various sizes, from Small to Extra Large, all of which have a minimum and maximum collar size.

The table below explains which collars will fit your dog's neck size.

Size Fitting Size
Extra Large 46 to 66 cm / 18 to 26 in
Large 41 to 56 cm / 16 to 22 in
Medium 33 to 41 cm / 13 to 16 in


Custom Size Dog Collars

If you need a collar bigger than our Extra Large, then please get in touch. We make all of our collars by hand and are always happy to accommodate custom size orders.