Our Mission

We want to bring something a little different to the large breed dog world. Blending fashion with utility with our beautiful handmade collars.


Our Values


To have pride in everything we do from our products to our actions.


To never compromise on our service or our products.

People First

To ensure we always deliver a "wow" factor whether that's how we handle things when they go wrong, or just receiving one of our products.


To ensure that our customers feel part of our community and are always part of our journey as a company.


Our Story

We already work with dogs across multiple industries providing products and services, so creating something beautiful for our four-legged friends was the next natural step.

Having a large breed dog ourselves, we know the hardship that can be had trying to find a collar that not only is strong but functional too. There are plenty out there but a lot of the time they lack the "wow-factor" and are just well, boring! 

We wanted to create beautiful collars that not only look amazing but always have a story. You see, the connection we have with our animals is unique, it's a bond between two species that just isn't replicated anywhere else. We wanted to really showcase that by having dog collars that all tell a story.

When we create a new collar, there is always a reason why we designed it that way. The story that sits behind the collar reflects the inspiration we had when it was conceived and why we wanted to bring it to be.

Every single collar is made by hand, by us right here in the UK. We don't outsource or anything like that. Every piece is made with love from our family, to yours.

We hope that you enjoy our dog collars just as much as we enjoyed making them.


Meet The Team

 Jamie - Wolf Peak

Jamie | Co-Founder

The chief maker of the collars who handles everything from construction, design and packaging. 


 Jay - Wolf Peak

Jay | Co-Founder

The buyer and marketer for all the parts, fabrics and how we bring the collars to you.



 Arrow - Wolf Peak

Arrow | Chief Product Tester

This special Alaskan Malamute is always the first to test new products to ensure comfort, style and durability. He's also the chief foot-warmer during the making of the collars.